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Magic Carpet Ride

The Rug Company

I do not typically love new rugs. I am more of antique Oushak, seagrass, zebra rug kind of girl. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened The Rug Company catalog. The Rug Company has used noted designers including fashion designers and interior designers to create lines of rugs. Except in rare instances, I would only, in my not so humble design opinion, only use these contemporary rugs in an older style house/office/hotel. Otherwise it would look kinda dumb. But in a proper setting these rugs rock! Really....Look......

VW Flag
Designer Vivienne Westwood
Aubusson, Wool
As the English say,"Brilliant."

Love Heart
Designer Vivienne Westwood
100 knot Nepalese, Tibetan wool
 This one could be tricky to place but in the exact right setting, it would be chic.

Designer Paul Smith
100 knot Nepalese, Tibetan wool

Swirl Rug
Designer Paul Smith
100 knot Nepalese, Tibetan Wool
I think this rug gives great movement and flow to a room. It can also steer your eye towards a particular piece.

Ponti Red Rug
Designer Suzanne Sharp
100 knot Nepalese, Tibetan Wool
This room needed this rug.
This is both a utilitarian and beautiful rug in terms of pattern and color. It picks up the red in the mahogany panelling and the red in the leather sofa. Sometimes you just need a little RED!

Tudor Rose Red
Designer Neisha Crosland
100 knot Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This is a perfect example of how a rug can modernize an older setting. It is perfect. If one had used an antique rug in here it would look stuffy and dated. This room looks like it belongs to a chic boutique hotel in London.

Bishop's Cape
Designer Diane Von Furstenberg
150 knot Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This rug look great with this old dark paneling. The pattern mimics the scroll of the console, and ties in three shades of red from top to bottom from the coral color of the feather piece, the reddish pink candles and finally the maroon-ish rug.

Designer collection
150 knot , Nepalese, wool and silk
This rug is, yes, a little out there with its images of cell phones, soda cans, tires, babies and diamond rings but in a bar/lounge in NY it would be perfect.

Designer Vivienne Westwood
150 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This rug has both a fab pattern and fab color. It pulls this landing all together.

Dragon Fly
Designer Nicky Haslem
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
I cannot image a better rug for this room. It draws your eye right up those stairs and beyond with just a hint of red. Love it. Want it.

Greek Key
Designer Suzanne Sharp
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This rug bring this room "in." Looks refined with the bright white wallpaint and crystal sconces. This is good design.

Ushak Morocco
Designer Rug Company
Indian, wool and mohair
If this room had actual Moroccan tiles, it would be too hard and cold. This rug enables the room to have the Moroccan tile look without the coldness of tile. Great subtle color too.

Designer Kelly Wearstler
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This is another perfect example of modernizing a room. Without this type of rug, the joint would look like a museum. Now, the owner can utilize his antique collection in the 21st century. Its all about the mix.

Dippy Pink
Suzanne Sharp
100 Knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
Sometimes you just need a solid.

Durbar Hill
Designers Guild
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool and silk
Even though this is a modern room and a modern rug, the rug has an antique motif. The rug softens the sharpness of this room.

Designer Kelly Wearstler
150 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool and silk
This is freaking genius.

Squiggle Orange
Designer Vivienne Westwood
150 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
There are 3 different patterns here: wallpaper, pillow and rug.
They all work together creating a very pulled together eclectic look.
The pillow is Vivienne Westwood as well.

Designer Suzanne Sharp
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Okay, now typically I despise these quilty grandma things BUT this is needlepoint and in this instance, maybe only this instance, with this sweet floral chair and pillow it looks great. Don't try this one at home unless you have exactly that chair and pillow.

Star Pink
Designer Paul Smith
100 knot Nepalese,Tibetan wool
If I designed my daughters room like this, she would think I am the greatest mommy ever!!!!

Pale Swirl
Designer Paul Smith
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool and silk
Everything about this is perfection when pulled together as a room. The rug just swoops you up to the sofa and leaps to that wallpaper! The sofa acts as a breaker between the patterned wallpaper and the swirl rug. The colors of the rug are subtle yet full of life.

Tangle Aqua
Designer The Rug Company
150 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
This rug centers the room and still highlights the otherwise dullness of the grey walls.  This room needed a print like this. I like how the rug elongates the room and the doors elongate the walls and how they hung that chandelier short which adds height to the ceiling. All the features... the rug, the doors, the chandelier just stretch this room to subtle drama. Love it.

Designer The Rug Company
Turkish wool
I love this rug more than life itself. It's all my favorite antique rugs together!! Antique made modern. I first saw this rug at the Conran Shop in Paris. They had a huge stack and I just wanted to throw myself on them and wallow in its glory . Did I make myself clear about how much I love this rug?
Does anyone remember when Ralph Lauren did that "bohemian" look in the home section of his shop years ago? They had a rug like this...loved it it now.

Cowhide Morocco
Designer The Rug Company
Turkish, cowhide and leather stitching
I like this rug because it is so different. Moroccan "tile" in cowhide for gods sake. I think this rug would look great in a ivory kitchen.

Blue Rink
Designer Kim Parker
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool
 It would be too easy to put this in a beach house. Maybe a London townhouse with dark hardwood floors and white high walls and a giant vase of pink peonies

Designer Emily Todhunter
100 knot, Nepalese, Tibetan wool and silk
This looks rich.

Check out the website and order a catalog


  1. omg! your blog is fabulous!!!!!! thanks for giving me the address. and those rugs - what a collection! have fun with it!

  2. Those rugs are fabulous, I love them, I like Nanimarquina too.